Sunset Bridal Inspiration

What can be better than taking open-air pictures, when all decorations of the cloth such as rhinestones, crystals, and beads are glowing beneath the sunlight!

This stunning photoshoot was taken by Kelly Berry in ideal collaboration with our Orchidee icy grey gown. Exquisite sunset composition was perfectly matched with floral decoration and subtle flowing veil, that gently emphasizes tenderness and lightness of the bride’s silhouette.

These gorgeous vibes uncover the incomparable magic of non-traditional wedding gown colors. Icy grey tints could create an incredible image along with conventional milk-and-creamy color concepts, showing the original approach and individuality.

The game of light and air creates a vivid impression and atmosphere. Wind flow smoothly flutters a skirt, allowing the fabric to float like a gentle trace behind the bride’s figure and covering her in fluid tulle waves. The rays of setting sun fill her image with warmth and unearthly luminescence, hiding and appearing between the folds of the dress.

Natural beauty in such tender harmony reveals the essential inner glow of bride and adds mysterious notes with hiding sun, making an impression that true magic is just about to appear.

In pleasant addition, this charming shoot was featured and fully adored by popular wedding blog Magnolia Rouge. To look through the details of this shoot, follow this link: http://www.magnoliarouge.com/inspiration/moody-magical-point-reyes-bridal-session/

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