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MYWONY is a modern line of personalized wedding dresses with a special attention to high quality, elegant details, perfect fit and feminine silhouettes. The history of the brand dates back to 2012, from a small wedding workshop Sa’Rousel, created by a tandem of two designers. Today, the wedding collections of the MYWONY brand are popular with brides from different countries around the world.

Tender spirit
I watch you breathlessly
Your lightness is on the verge of evanescence
As you are My Wood Nymph

The secret of bright individuality of dresses is the brides themselves, who choose them. Communicating with the girl, the designers skillfully transfer her character, features and habits to the sketches of the future dress, emphasizing in the subtle and elegant details the unique beauty of the bride. And the inspiration for creating collections is the captivating magic of nature itself.

Bride My Wood Nymph lives in a state of love and on her most important day wants to share her feelings with those who will be near her. Just like the magical forest nymphs, it is designed to fascinate, radiate lightness, refinement, tenderness and youth on the one hand, and passion, sensuality, temptation on the other.

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